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Eicher PRO Pilot

A training program that covers road safety, behaviour and fuel conservation, Eicher Pro Pilot hones truck drivers by imparting the right techniques of driving and safety.

Road safety is a very crucial aspect of safe transportation and for over last 2 decades, Eicher has been training drivers to drive responsibly and efficiently. In order to reach the grass root level, Driver Training Programs are conducted regularly at all Eicher dealerships across the nation.

What You Get

Eicher actively participates in National Road Safety Week and organises road safety seminars, to be in tandem with the latest developments in safe vehicle operations and road safety techniques. All these techniques are shared with drivers in the training sessions. The program comprises of the following trainings:

  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Proper operation & maintenance of vehicle
  • Fuel conservation
  • Behavioural aspects
  • Health & hygiene
  • Vehicle familiarisation
Training :

The drivers are trained by qualified engineers, having training of international standards and licensed for driving heavy vehicles. The training courses incorporate high levels of audio-visual content – photographs, films, graphics and animation for maximum impact.

Films :

Eicher has developed seven films on safe driving to promote road safety and these films have received awards, appreciation and recognition on a global level. These films are screened during the training sessions to create a better impact and clear understanding to the driver.

Manuals :

The company has designed a special driver’s manual to facilitate better understanding and considering regional diversities, this manual is made available in Hindi and other regional languages and revised periodically.

Customer Benefits :
  • 15% average fuel savings
  • Reduced rates of road accidents
  • Well-informed, mannered and educated drivers
  • Pre-operational checks and routine maintenance, ensuring trouble free service from the vehicle
Pro Pilot
Effective Driving Training Delivered