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Eicher Renew

As the vehicle gets older, the performance of the engine and gear box may go down with respect to that of a new one. If not attended in time, it can lead to unforeseen breakdowns leading to loss of productivity and undesirable expenses. Further, overhauling an aggregate may need anywhere between 2 to 5 days’ time depending on the extent of work.

EICHER RENEW is a unique answer to the above challenges - both in terms of offering an aggregate completely free of all problems as well as restoring the vehicle faster. RENEW products are completely rebuilt using Eicher 100% genuine parts and tested to deliver the performance a new aggregate. All the customer needs to do is exchange their old, worn out aggregate with the RENEW aggregate stocked at the workshop and drive away within 24 hours – no running in time and partial loading, full load from the moment they fit the aggregate.

These AS GOOD AS NEW AGGREGATES offer excellent performance and are economical in price. They bring with them a host of benefits including better profitability and peace of mind for customers.

How it Works

Under Eicher Renew, old aggregates can be exchanged with renewed aggregates, subject to simple acceptance norms. Product portfolio consists of reconditioned Engine Long Block and Gearbox.

Exchange :

Exchange old engine/gearbox with a ready-to-use Renew Engine/gearbox. Vehicle is fit to hit the road with full load capacity on the same day and the service & warranty can be availed at all Eicher workshops.

Cost :

Eicher Renew enables in restoring old vehicles with Renew aggregates which are as good as new, cutting the repair costs drastically.

Quality :

All Renew aggregates come with a warranty period of one year or 1, 00,000 KM whichever is earlier.

Customer Benefits :
  • Value for money
  • Maximum uptime of the vehicle
  • Increased resale value of the vehicle
  • Attractive warranty with free services
  • 280 + dealer network for aftermarket support
  • Use of Eicher 100% genuine parts in restoring
  • Easy availability through widespread network of Eicher dealerships
  • Highest quality reconditioned aggregates, completely tested and economical
Performance and Peace of Mind Delivered